Hear the experiences of other individuals who have experienced mental illness or have supported a loved one with a mental illness.


Introduction to Mental Health

- TeamworkWhat is mental illness?
A Make It Ok webpage defining mental illness. “Make It OK” is a campaign to reduce the stigma of mental illnesses.


Mental health conditions
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) webpage that lists and defines different mental health conditions.


Knowing the signs
NAMI webpage with information about warning signs of mental illness.


What is Therapy?
A detailed website with information about what therapy is and how it can benefit individuals, provided by the American Psychological Association.


Mental health by the numbers
A mental health factsheet by NAMI.


Adult mental health A-Z
An A-Z guide with resources and programs for adults provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.


Therapy worksheets and education tools for different mental health conditions and ways to help manage life challenges like time and sleep.


Factsheet Library
Printable factsheets and infographics provided from NAMI that outline facts, how to manage mental health and how to support loved ones.


Hennepin Healthcare providers share educational information about important topics in mental health.

Dr. Ian Health, Senior Physician Director at Hennepin Healthcare, discusses Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and how it benefits patients.

PsychTalks Videos

Coping with Anxiety with Dr. Helen Wood

Supporting Loved Ones

Tips for Talking Father and Daughter Hugging In Nature
A tip sheet for how to start a conversation about mental illness.


Make It Ok webpage that provides in depth information about stigma, how it affects our communities, and what we can do to end stigma.


TED Talks - "When Mental Illness Enters the Family"

TED Talks with Dr. Lloyd Sederer, "When Mental Illness Enters the Family". What must families know if they have a loved one with a mental illness? In his talk, Dr. Lloyd Sederer discusses the four things we all must know to help those who may be struggling around us.


Make It Ok - Interactive Education
Make It Ok hosts an interactive multimedia website that takes visitors through a variety of topics in mental health.


Facts for Families
A guide that provides facts for families surrounding issues affecting children and teens provided by the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.


Young Adult Conversations – Talking to peers
Ok 2 Talk encourages teens and young adults to share their experiences with an online community.


Catch Up With Current Topics

NAMI webpage dedicated to information about research and research studies.


NAMI webpage dedicated to information about current publications written about mental health.


Children’s Mental Health
Children’s mental health resources provided by the Minnesota Department of Health.


Public Policy
NAMI webpage dedicated to information about public policy and mental health.

Hennepin Healthcare Provider Presentations

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness week 2017, our providers presented on a variety of topics related to Mental Health.

Adult Topics

Instilling HOPE: An early intervention approach for psychosis, presented by  Marielle Demarais, PhD, LP

Schizophrenia, presented by Beatrice Paintsil RN, BSN

What to expect in the Partial Hospital Program (PHP), presented by Brent Walden, PhD, LP

What is Infant Mental Health, presented by Jesse Kuendig, LICSW

Depression, presented by Gloria Hagstrom, RN, BSN

Bipolar Disorder, presented by Rita Kebede RN, BSN

The Brain and the Body: Medical comorbidities in psychiatric illness, presented by Kate Miley, CNP

NAMI and other helpful resources, presented by Amy Mensch, RN

What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?, presented by Brent Walden, PhD, LP


Child and Adolescent Topics

Intake Process at the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Clinic, presented by Courtney Le Clair, PhD, LP

Child and adolescent psychiatry medication, presented by John Wermager, MD